Free form

Today my day is bored just notice that my uncle past away and I got to go to the funeral on Friday.



Today my blog is about game design.One day I want to work for Rockstar games,Ubisoft and other company’s, the reason why I want to do this is that I can give those company’s great ideas for their next game. One day I can’t wait to work for one of those company’s.


Today my blog is about the insistent in Boston marathon. At 3:00 near the finish line the bomb injured 113 and 3 people died the reason i’m taking about is that I wanted to become a police officer to protect people from danger.

what’s smart and dumb about the smart watch

Today I my blog is about the latest smart watch. First we going to talk about the good effects of the watch and the negative effects of the watch but now lest start out with the pebble watch the good thing about this watch is that its water resistant and have nice apps the bad thing is that you have to recharge every few days. here are more details of more smart watch

free form

Today my blog is about this food place called banana leaf the best place for a first date or anniversary the food I suggest trying first is the curry chicken or the salted fish fried rice. You can find the place at  1009 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19107 and the number to (215) 592-8288 If you like the place or comment on this blog.