current event

Today I hear on the news Justin Bieber monkey was taken away by Germany  because he did not pay the animals hospital bills they said they are going to put in in the zoo but my question why didn’t he just pay for it he haves money to pay the bills?

current event

Today I just realize that Kobe mom sold all of his things like his shoes and every thing from childhood to high school and she made over 4.3 million dollars. To me i don’t think that it was right to sell his belongings and also she couldn’t sell it because its his things that she didn’t even get permit to sell his things.

current event

Today my current event is about an 105 year old woman that lived off of bacon. I herd it on the the new that this old woman only eats bacon every day, I thought it wasn’t tru but it is tru. I really want know if eating a lot of bacon can really keep you a live.

broadcasting and marking


The one thing I’m proud of myself is marketing and broadcasting, my first post on instagram was about the new play called killadelphia it was a hard thing to write about it and I was nervous about  how many followers we was going to come see it. Basically the whole play is based on real life people that were interview by student that experience gun violence. However come see the play to buy tickets the show will take place at the the adrian theater philadelphia.


The new game injustice gods among us is the most popular game right now, to me I like better than mortal combat because u have superhero and villeins from the Dc universe and its like reliving your childhood memory with friends. In may 7, they are coming out with an DLC for the game its a charter name LoBo here a link to it and picture