broadcasting and marking


The one thing I’m proud of myself is marketing and broadcasting, my first post on instagram was about the new play called killadelphia it was a hard thing to write about it and I was nervous about  how many followers we was going to come see it. Basically the whole play is based on real life people that were interview by student that experience gun violence. However come see the play to buy tickets the show will take place at the the adrian theater philadelphia.



Today my blog is about game design.One day I want to work for Rockstar games,Ubisoft and other company’s, the reason why I want to do this is that I can give those company’s great ideas for their next game. One day I can’t wait to work for one of those company’s.


Today my blog is about the insistent in Boston marathon. At 3:00 near the finish line the bomb injured 113 and 3 people died the reason i’m taking about is that I wanted to become a police officer to protect people from danger.

About Me

Hi, my name is Julian Dunaway i’m a junior in high school I go to Boys’ Latin, well to be honest i’m just a regular teenager I play yu-gi-oh, play football and chilled out person.Also I like to cook other type food and I’m trying to find a job so i can support for my mom. What else…..Oh when I get out of high school I would like to make my own restaurant.