The new game injustice gods among us is the most popular game right now, to me I like better than mortal combat because u have superhero and villeins from the Dc universe and its like reliving your childhood memory with friends. In may 7, they are coming out with an DLC for the game its a charter name LoBo here a link to it and picture



Today my blog is about a new game console for your computer and T.V its called Ouya its a small nutshell look the console runs with android and powered buy Tegra it comes with free games and its only $99 and the controller looks like the the xbox 360 it also haves an hdmi port, built in wifi and a 5.1 sound support here a link for more details.

what’s smart and dumb about the smart watch

Today I my blog is about the latest smart watch. First we going to talk about the good effects of the watch and the negative effects of the watch but now lest start out with the pebble watch the good thing about this watch is that its water resistant and have nice apps the bad thing is that you have to recharge every few days. here are more details of more smart watch